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The Leading Americans with Disabilities Act Consulting Firm

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ADA Compliance Specialists Inc. is Florida's premier Americans with Disabilities Act consulting firm. We are not attorneys; we are ADA experts/consultants that advise property owners and ADA attorneys on ADA compliance issues. On behalf of our clients, we inspect properties to identify any and all ADA violations and issue detailed written inspection reports addressing all of the facility's ADA violations. The report includes all lowest cost corrective recommendations and includes relevant ADA state and federal codes, diagrams, and digital photographs.

The inspection report is a key strategic component in the defense of ADA lawsuits. Our two goals are to help resolve the current lawsuit while saving you time and money, and to secure permanent protection for the property against future ADA lawsuits from other similar ADA groups.

We also inspect properties on behalf of the buyer/seller as part of the required due diligence package in commercial real estate acquisitions and sales.

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The Leading Americans with Disabilities Act Consulting Firm

ADA Compliance Specialists, Inc., in addition to its Title III consulting, also consults for government agencies and local municipalities regarding Title II ADA issues. Contact us for information.

Over 26 million Americans are disabled. 

In 1990, Congress passed a law protecting the rights of so many of our fellow citizens.

ADA outlines the businesses' responsibilities to change or alter their establishment so persons with disabilities may patronize the business in the same manner as non-disabled patrons.

Over 100 ADA violation lawsuits are filed every month in Dade and Broward County.

Chances are your business will be sued if you're not compliant.

Don't fall victim to a costly and harassing ADA non-compliance lawsuit by getting compliant today!

Picture from South Florida - Sentinel; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Aug 26, 2001

Picture from South Florida - Sentinel; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Aug 26, 2001

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